Nursery School

St. Paul Lutheran Nursery School is still accepting registrations for Fall 2020 enrollment. 
Please Call Mrs. Darby for more information at  (607) -756 -6916
Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday=4 year olds

Tuesday/Thursday=3 year olds

 All classes meet from 9:00am-11:30am.

 Children need to be fully potty trained.

Tuition for school year 2020-2021* 
* Tuition for 2021-2022 may increase slightly.



 Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.

For more information, please call preschool at 607.756.4850



St. Paul Family Newsletter
March 2020

            Hello my friends!!!  I sooooo miss your sweet little faces bounding in to preschool!  I miss Mrs. Ramiza, I miss our schedule, I miss seeing the children, I miss the interaction with the parents, and I miss all the wonderfully awesome and funny things that happen in preschool!  My last three weeks have been filled with reading 3 novels, building one LARGE puzzle, reorganizing lots of areas, sorting and clearing out, washing windows, painting, and Spring cleanup in the yard.  One of my most favorite things was doing our ZOOM event last Friday when we could see each other and talk and catch up!!  Thank you, Mrs. Ramiza for scheduling it, that was very fun and it felt great to see the kiddos.  Hopefully, we can do more of them!

            The most recent update from Governor Cuomo is that the extension of school closures will be until April 29, 2020.  Further updates are to follow.  Please keep tuned in to the governor’s updates.

            I do want to keep you updated on what was happening in preschool prior to the closure.  For letter Q week, we did projects with quilts and queens.  It was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so we celebrated that too!  For letter R week, we did rockets, roosters, robots, and raccoons.  With each letter, we practiced the sounds it makes and how to form both upper and lower cases.  We made wonderful craft projects proudly displayed in the hallway too!

            In Bible story, we talked about the queen who saved baby Moses and led him to a life of service to God.  For letter R week, we learned about the rich people who gave very little to the church offering, having LOTS left over and then the poor widow who gave both of her 2 coins with nothing left over.  Who did Jesus think gave more?  Your children will know the answer.  The widow trusted that God would take care of her every need.  It is important to give all that we can.

            Here are some areas you can work on with your preschooler during the school closure:
Small Motor Skills:
* Folding laundry
* Making “pairs” with laundered socks
* Picking up sticks in the yard
* Picking stones out of the grass
* Name printing
Gross Motor Skills:
            * Ride Bike
            * Make an obstacle course in your yard to run around
* Set up an area in the yard (? like a baseball diamond) and on each base do
  (for example) 10 jumping jacks, then run to the next base for the next activity.
            * How many robins, dandelions, etc. are in the yard?
            * How many people are outside walking, jogging, or roller blading?
                        -How many are men, women or strollers?
            * What meals did you have yesterday?
* What was yesterday’s weather?
* What did you wear yesterday?
I even think journalizing this experience will be valuable.  What we are going through now is new and the experiences and feelings we are going through will be valuable to chronicle.
We hope to see each other in a few weeks.  We hope to put together more web events.
For now…I miss you, I love you and hope to see you very soon!
Love, Mrs. Wendy Clark-Darby
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