Nursery School

St. Paul Lutheran Nursery School is accepting registrations for Fall 2022 enrollment. 

* All welcome-Masking is optional, temperature checks and COVID questions upon entry

T/TH = 3 yr olds
M/W/F = 4 yr olds  
All classes 9:00am-11:30am 

2021-2022 Tuition* 
* Tuition for 2022-2023 may increase slightly
M/W/F = $170/month

Children must be fully potty trained.

Please call Mrs. Darby for more information at  (607) 756-4850.

Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.

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St. Paul Nursery School Family Newsletter

April 2022

                   We started the month learning all about Easter! The children made lots of fun crafts to help decorate your homes and enjoy the holiday before break. After Spring Break we learned about letters U and V. Mrs. Darby taught the children about umbrellas, the universe, and vegetables. We also enjoyed many activities this month including predicting if objects around the class would sink under water or stay up (float) and making a classroom volcano erupt for Fun Friday! YIKES!


                      During Bible story, we finished the Easter story Mrs. Darby started last month. We had learned that there were some people who were mean to Jesus and made him die on the cross. (This was the sad part of the story.)However, THIS week we discovered he did not stay dead. He rose! We rejoiced and celebrated that “Jesus is alive!” (Our happy ending!) We also talked about Timothy. He was a little boy who loved hearing Bible stories. He grew up to become a pastor and teach others about God and Jesus. Did you know that your child is a teacher of God too? Every time they tell someone about their Bible stories they are teaching others and God loves it! Tabitha (or Dorcas) was a unique lady. She loved Jesus and had heard about all of the wonderful things he did for people. She wanted to be a helper like Jesus too. She helped feed and clothe the poor people in her village. This made God very happy. He loves when we help others and it makes us feel good too! We can help people no matter how big or small we are. Did you know we have some great helpers in preschool? I heard how they are AMAZING helpers at home too!

                Our states for the month include Pennsylvania (Hershey and Crayola factories), Rhode Island (smallest state and 1st circus), South Carolina (vacation spot), South Dakota (Mount Rushmore) and Tennessee (music capital of the country) .

                 Our vocabulary for the month included: sleek, bait, unique, burrow (bunny home), tomb, rejoice, wreath, buoyancy, universe, erupt.

* When time allows we will go outside. Please make sure appropriate footwear is worn to school.
* Please call preschool at (607) 756- 4850 if your child is ill or unable to attend school that day.
* Registration for next year is ongoing. A $25 registration fee is required to hold your spot for Fall 2022.

Dates to Remember:
*May 27th & 30th (Friday & Monday): No School, Memorial Day
* June 10th (Friday): Last day of class

Spring assessments have been completed and sent home.  Mrs. Darby and I are always willing to meet with you outside of class to discuss your child’s development and progress. It has been a wonderful year watching your children grow each and every week.

Love, Mrs. Christina Ramiza