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St. Paul Lutheran Nursery School is still accepting registrations for Fall 2020 enrollment. 
Please Call Mrs. Darby for more information at  (607) -756 -6916
Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday=4 year olds

Tuesday/Thursday=3 year olds

 All classes meet from 9:00am-11:30am.

 Children need to be fully potty trained.

Tuition for school year 2020-2021* 
* Tuition for 2021-2022 may increase slightly.



 Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.

For more information, please call preschool at 607.756.4850
or find us on Facebook  "St Paul Nursery School" (45 Hamlin Street, Cortland, NY)
or email us @



St. Paul Nursery School Family Newsletter

December 2020


         Happy New Year! Although it may have been a bit different this year, I hope you all celebrated and enjoyed this Christmas season. Our “at home” Christmas concert hopefully lifted your spirits and got you feeling festive. It certainly brightened our mornings at preschool singing our favorite songs. A special “thank you” to all of you for bringing in treats for our Christmas parties at the end of the month. The day was truly filled with holiday cheer (and lots of sugar too!)   

          This month Mrs. Darby worked with the children on letters I and J. We read stories about igloos and learned how they were made. Then we made our own out of marshmallows and glitter! We LOVE glitter! We also made icy I’s to complete our wintery theme. We talked about liking ourselves in a book called I Like Me! and made self portraits. We ended our I week making paper iguanas and learning that we should always help our friends. During letter J week we left the icy cold and headed to the jungle to warm up! We talked about different jungle animals and made binoculars to “search” for them. We also made some jazzy, jeweled J’s and head-wayed into Christmas week by making jingle bell necklaces! Before leaving for break we made you LOTS of ornaments to decorate your trees at home with! We also got to make gingerbread men, both cookies AND crafts. I hope everything found special places in your homes to highlight this joyous season!

           For our Bible story we spent the entire month telling a very special story: the birth of Jesus! Each week we built upon the story. Our Advent calendar helped keep us on track. First, Mary was visited by an angel, Gabriel. He told Mary that she was chosen by God to be Jesus’ mother. She was so excited and happy she had to sing! Then we learned about the long trip Mary and Joseph had to take to get to Bethlehem. We even learned that we are still counted today (Census), but thankfully, we don’t have to take a long journey to do so. In Bethlehem, baby Jesus was born in a manger filled with hay, not in a hospital or comfortable bed. Poor baby Jesus!  Angels came to shepherds in a field and told them the new King was born. The shepherds, led by a bright star, went to Bethlehem and found Jesus. They prayed to God, thanking him for Jesus. Then they set out spreading the good news. JESUS WAS BORN FOR YOU! Did you hear this good news at home? I am so impressed with how well the children remembered the details of the story each week. 

          Our Geography Unit taught us 5 states this month! Illinois (1st McDonald’s), Indiana (Indy 500 car race), Iowa (corn), Kansas (wheat), and Kentucky (Post-It factory). We also learned about the U.S’s neighbors. Canada is to the north and is cold. Mexico is to the south and warm. 



* Tuition is due the 1st of the month. Payments received after the 10th will result in an added late fee.

* Please bring in hats, mittens, snow pants, coats and boots for outdoor play every day. 

* A change of shoes is needed when boots are worn to school.

* If Cortland City Schools are delayed or closed FOR WEATHER, St. Paul will be closed for the day. 

  Reminders will also be posted on our Facebook page.


Dates to Remember:

* January 18th (Monday): No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
* February 1st (Monday): No School- Staff Work Day


Have a happy and healthy 2021!

Mrs. Christina Ramiza