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St. Paul Lutheran Nursery School is accepting registrations for Fall 2024 enrollment! 
Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.

T/TH = 3 yr olds
M/W/F = 4 yr olds  
All classes 9:00am-11:30am 

2023-2024 Tuition
T/TH = $140/month*
M/W/F = $190/month*

*2024-2025 tuition may increase slightly

Children must be fully potty trained.

Please call Mrs. Darby for more information at  (607) 756-4850.

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St. Paul Nursery School Family Newsletter
May/June 2024

            Greetings from the teacher’s desk!  This is our final newsletter of the year as we prepare for our end-of-year lessons and activities.  This past month Miss Piotti taught the academic lessons including instruction about letters W, X, Y as well as Mother’s Day projects.  We learned about watermelons, webs, x-rays, xylophones, X marks the spot, yarn, yellow, and did some review of shapes and numbers!  With each letter, we practice printing both the upper and lower cases and the sounds the letters make.  Our projects continue to be hung on the art wall of the hallway!  Please check them out.  The children have done wonderful things using their creativity! 

            During Bible story time, I taught the lesson of The Widow’s Offering (letter W).  Even though the poor widow only had 2 coins, she gave everything she had to the church’s offering.  Other rich people had lots in their money bags and only gave a few coins leaving lots for themselves.  Jesus saw this and said the poor widow gave more than the rich people.  She gave fewer coins but Jesus knew she gave it all away knowing that God would take care of her needs-she didn’t worry.  What a great life lesson!  For letter X, we talked about the X-tra special people in the Bible.  We decided our top 3 X-tra special people were God, Jesus, and Mary (Jesus’ mother).  There are many special people in the Bible, but these 3 are definitely X-TRA special!  Letter Y allowed us thinking about which Bible stories had a lesson where someone said “Yes!” to God.  Mary said, “Yes, I can be Jesus’ mommy!”  Noah said, “Yes, I can build a big wooden boat!”  Jonah said, “Yes, I can go to Nineveh!”  This past week, we reviewed all our favorite Bible stories and at week’s end, had a Bible story review game.  The children wonderfully answered the quiz questions and were able to take home a prize from the treasure box!  They did GREAT and I was so proud!

            This next week, I will be teaching letter Z.  It will include projects about zebras and zoos.  We will also be preparing our Father’s Day projects!  Miss Piotti will be teaching a letter Z person from the Bible-his name is Zaccheaus.
Vocabulary: yacht, widow, rich, poor, offering, greedy, island
Geography: Nevada (driest state), New Hampshire (1st public library), New Jersey (Thomas Edison-light bulb), New Mexico (hot air balloon festival), New York (1st pizzeria), North Carolina (Pepsi invented), North Dakota (sunflowers), Ohio (1st ambulance), Oklahoma (tornadoes), Oregon (light houses), Pennsylvania (Hershey’s chocolate), Rhode Island (smallest state), South Carolina (1,500 year old tree), South Dakota (Mount Rushmore), Tennessee (country music), Texas (everything is BIG), Utah (frisbee invented), Vermont (maple syrup), Virginia (wild ponies), Washington (apples), West Virginia (Mother’s Day created), Wisconsin (cheese), Wyoming (rodeos)
Upcoming Dates:
*  Monday, June 10: MWF class graduation-children arrive 6:30pm, ceremony at 7:00pm
*  Tuesday/Wednesday, June 11/June12: Class picnics at 10:00am-whichever day your child normally attends school
*  Thursday/Friday, June 13/June 14: Donuts for Dad at 9:00am-whichever day your child normally attends school
    Children will be dismissed with Dad at conclusion.
*  June tuition is due.  The regular tuition amount is due even though it’s a short month.  Tuition is an amount equally divided amongst the 10 months.  Cash or check payable to St. Paul Nursery School is accepted.
*  We will be sending home art smocks, extra clothes, and any remaining projects.
*  Spring assessments will be sent home and the teachers are available if you would like to discuss your child’s progress over the school year.
*  Please return your year-end questionnaires.  Your feedback will help us to continue our good work and to make improvements as needed.


Thank you for an amazing year of working for, and with, you as I taught academic and Bible lessons and encouraged your child in his physical, emotional, social, and academic growth!!

I am thankful for the opportunity and wish you a very wonderful and safe Summer!!
Love, Mrs. Wendy Clark-Darby