Nursery School

St. Paul Lutheran Nursery School is accepting registrations for Fall 2021 enrollment. 

M/W/F = 4 yr olds  
T/Th = 3 yr olds  
All classes 9:00am-11:30am 

2020-2021 Tuition* 
* Tuition for 2021-2022 may increase slightly
M/W/F = $160/month
T/Th = $125/month

Children must be fully potty trained.

Please call Mrs. Darby for more information at  (607) 756-4850.

Registration is secured with a $25.00 registration fee.

Check us out on Facebook at St Paul Nursery School (Cortland)

or Email for more information.



St. Paul Family Newsletter
March 2021

          Hello from Mrs. Darby!  I hope you were all enjoying a safe and healthy Spring Break!  Some of our friends traveled and others were here enjoying 65 degree days followed up by a forecast of 6-10” of snow coming soon.  YIKES!  Our families were doing lots of fun things this past week.  Some were welcoming new pets into their families, some were meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time, some were frolicking at a warm beaches…me, I was doing lots of small projects including rereading Charlotte’s Web.  The first read was about 50 years ago.  No need to do the quick math!!!...

          This past month, Mrs. Ramiza helped us learn about letters Q, R, and S with an added week of Easter fun.  We learned the sound each letter makes in addition to how to form both upper and lower cases of the printed letter.  Our craft projects included quails, quilts, queens, quarantine, robots, roosters, rockets, raccoons, rainbows, snow, St. Patrick’s, snakes, Spring, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and Easter wreaths.  What a fun month!  We enjoyed our St. Patrick’s Day party and want to thank all of you for contributing to a FUN event.  Then a couple weeks later, we changed from everything green to everything pastel!

          I taught the Bible lessons for the month.  Letter Q week allowed us to learn about the queen who saved baby Moses from the king who wanted to have all the baby boys removed from his kingdom.  God protected Moses and Moses became a very important biblical figure.  For letter R week, we heard the message of Noah and the Ark.  Noah was a faithful man and followed God’s command.  Even though he was ridiculed, he packed his family and 2 of every animal to board the ark.  The earth was flooded and in the end of the story, the rainbow in the sky had a very special meaning.  Ask your child what the rainbow meant.  He will know!!  The next two weeks were available to teach the Easter story.  Part 1 of the story (the sad part) described Jesus being hated by those that he loved.  He carried the heavy wooden cross and was crucified.  Part 2 of the story (the happy part) described Jesus arising from the tomb, living on Earth for 40 days, then going to be in Heaven with God.  Your children are very good at knowing this story.  Ask them about the Easter events and what they know.  They will amaze you!
Vocabulary: ark, sin, quarantine, nocturnal, indigo
Geography: Nebraska (9-1-1 system), Nevada (hottest/driest), New Hampshire (1st public library), New Jersey (Thomas Edison inventing light bulb/telephone/typewriter), New Mexico (hot air balloon festival), New York (dairy/1st pizzeria), North Carolina (beaches/1st mini golf course).
*  Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  Late fees are added after the 10th
*  We continue to register students for Fall 2021.  Please tell a friend about St. Paul-it will allow you to       receive a $25 gift card or we’ll take care of your next year’s registration fee if the referred family registers with us.
*  May 28 & 31: No School-Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to continue teaching to and learning from your children. 
It is a true privilege!!
Love, Mrs. Wendy Clark-Darby